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Organic Sugar Brown-1 kg

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Have a sweet tooth but are conscious about your sugar intake? This natural sweetener is ideal for weight watchers and fitness enthusiasts. Perfect for baked foods or other culinary applications, the presence of molasses gives brown sugar a nutty, caramelized flavor that is hard to resist! Swap your white sugar for brown, and give in to some guilt-free cravings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Organic Essentials good for you?

Organic Essentials are good because quite simply, they’re 100% organic and anything grown or made organically is good for your health and overall well being.

What are the nutritional benefits associated with the product range?

Organically processed/grown products are proven to have a better nutrient value than their conventional counterparts. This is because of the absence of artificial fertilisers or chemicals used in the growing or processing stages.

Do the organic range of essentials actually taste better than their conventional counterparts?

Of course they do! And if you don’t trust us, then research all you like and you’ll still find the answer is a big yes. Since all organic produce is natural through and through, there’s nothing that’s not good in it, and hence, it tastes better than its conventional counterparts.

Are there preservatives added in the product?

 No preservatives are used in any of our products

Are there any specific guidelines for storing the product?

 Yes , All our products in this category are 100% vegan. No harm done and all goodness stored.

Do we test our products for remnant pesticide compounds?

All our raw materials are grown 100% organically and are tested once again for any artificial components in our testing facilities before going into processing.

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