Pure & Sure is India's largest sustainable
organic food brand with a mission of making
high-quality, clean, organic food accessible to everyone.

Why Choose Organic Food

The Organic Route

It’s so much easier to start a habit than to break one. And if it’s a habit that’s good for you and the environment, then you don’t even have to think twice. Choose goodness from the ground up, choose organic.

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7 Stages of Organic Farming

Demystifying the myths

They say that good things take time, and something that’s good for you, good for the farmers and good for the environment will definitely take some time to blossom. If you believe that growing organic is easy, then here are 7 reasons why you’re wrong.

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How Organic Farming Prevents Climate Change

For a clean, green world

Climate crisis is real, immediate and will affect us all. While the conventional agriculture sector’s emissions contribute to our worsening climate, there is a time-tested solution that regenerates our soils, nourishes our communities and safeguards our environment. Change, or be changed.

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What is Certified Organic

Decode Organic, Choose Smarter

A long journey that spans several years. A meticulous process that requires multiple rounds of verifications. A destination that’s well worth all the effort. Decode organic, choose smarter.

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Why Pure & Sure
Phalada Pure and Sure range of 100% certified organic food products are an outcome of 20 years of experience in organic agriculture. Sourced directly from farmers and processed under stringent quality measures, our 140+ products give you a true organic experience on your plate.
"Absolutely thankful and fan of this brand. Their range of organic food products is truly great in all aspects. I have made my conscious choice for life."
Verified Buyer
Pure and Sure comes as a breath of fresh air to the clean eating movement in the country. Excellent products, amazing quality and filled with health benefits. Keeps me coming back for more every month.
Verified Buyer
From essentials to munching delights, Pure and Sure has got it all covered and I’m super happy that I discovered them a few years ago. Our family meals have never been the same since then, and I have to say that I’m totally happy with the transformation.
Verified Buyer
The lookout for munchies made from cold pressed oil was what brought me to Pure and Sure. Snacks made from organic ingredients in healthy oils are the need of the hour and I’m super happy that there’s a home made brand doing it the desi way, with swag, substance and style.
Verified Buyer
The Pure and Sure flours have been a boon to my baking sessions. They make all my baking adventures a lot more better with excellent consistency, amazing health benefits and yummy taste.
Verified Buyer
A great brand with a noble mission and an array of stellar products. As someone who loves organic food, I couldn’t ask for more.
Verified Buyer
There’s not a single day in my household where I don’t see a Pure and Sure product. It’s here, there and everywhere in the kitchen and across our home, and I’m so impressed with how they’ve kept on growing and glowing through more than a decade. Hats off to the team and kudos to the farmers.
India's Largest Sustainable
Organic Food Brand.
Good for you, for farmers and
for the planet.
Pure natural goodness. Zero
artificial ingredients