Make organic food an organic choice for everyone

What we are dedicated to achieving is an audacious but rewarding mission. The commitment of bringing clean, high-quality, 100% organic food to everybody’s plate. Our diverse team is constantly working towards spreading awareness, making organic food accessible and giving back to the environment. We are built around the idea that everyone should have access to high-quality organic food, and should know where their food is coming from and how it is benefiting the environment at large. To that end, we strive to empower our farmers with clean solutions and our customers with transparency. This means that exciting challenges lie ahead. Along with our core values to guide us, we hope to creatively tackle these challenges with our community of earth warriors. Join us and be a clean, mean machine!

Surya Shastry - Founder

Appreciation that’s organic, just like our food

  • Ms. Vijayalakshmi Rajesh

    Director - Operations

    It motivates me to ensure organic and clean food reaches to everyone. I proudly say what I sell is what I consume. You will be surprised to see what this space can offer. I definitely recommend young people to be part of the fastest growing industry where one can feel so proud and vouch for it.

  • Roshni Wadhwani

    AVP - Marketing

    I feel every individual holds the responsibility towards our mother earth, and when your work is making a positive impact on people & planet, it makes your conscious happy. You are thrilled to make a difference every day. This industry still has a long way to go in an extensively digitalized world and being part of this transformation intrigues me.

  • Chatura V

    AVP - Operations

    I enjoy and look forward to showing up my work every day because of the amazing team here. Every day is a new opportunity for me to learn and grow in my professional life. The work culture here contributes a lot to our development and inspires us to carry on with our activities with dedication and passion.

Why Pure & Sure?

  • Wake up with purpose

    The purpose of work should be the common good. When you work with us, you approach each day with the purpose of creating clean food, bettering the value chain and bringing balance to the ecosystem. Here’s your chance to fight for nature, nourish communities, and take change into your own hands.

  • Meet tomorrow, today

    As trailblazers in the organic food industry, we are always looking to be future-ready, today. By empowering our farmers, employees, partners and consumers, we go from strength to strength, conquering that which has never been done before. A revolution you get to be a part of.

  • Thrive on culture

    When you join us, you begin your association with India’s largest organic food brand. You are driven by innovation, and fueled by growth. Our open culture, diverse workplace, collaborative DNA and like-minded community make Pure & Sure a great place for young and hungry minds.

  • Bloom with grace

    As part of the Pure & Sure tribe, be sure to build new skills and advance your career development. Benefit from novel experiences, employee perks, and a meaningful mission to pursue each day. Together with the team, challenge the status quo of the organic food industry.