About Pure & Sure

A journey that began 20 years ago with the hope of plotting an organic route for a better tomorrow has bloomed and blossomed into what you see here today. A brand that speaks for itself when it comes to the purity and surety of its produce. A brand that treads the extra mile to ensure that the poetry of the earth reaches your plates clean, fresh and green. A brand that is creating a revolution in producing smart and living healthy.

Why Pure & Sure

At Pure and Sure, we continue to believe that an organic farmer is the peacemaker of today, and organic farming is bringing a tectonic shift into this agriculture of peace. We are ‘Farmers First’, not just growing crops but creating an environment where crops can grow naturally, beautifully and sustainably. The search and discovery of nature’s pathways for sustainable methods of farming have led us closer to our intention of bringing pure, clean, and organic food from farm to table.
And like they say, if a bug won’t bite it, then why should you?

Grown by nature, served with love

We take pride in the fact that all our produce is grown by nature itself, with no artificial fertilizers or chemicals. Everything under the Pure and Sure label is pure and sure to be natural, and with this power of nature bustling in every product, we serve them out with love.

Eat fresh, spend local

Multiple farms and facilities across the country help us in bringing you food that’s coming from as close as close can get. Hence, when you eat Pure and Sure, you’re sure to eat fresh and your investment in organic is sure to help boost your local farmer’s income.

Farmed thoughtfully, delivered efficiently

Our advanced irrigation system reduces water consumption and total dependence on solar power saves energy. We use less space to grow more, protecting biodiversity and healing our ecosystem. Our local storehouses help in reducing long distance, refrigerated transportation.

Absolutely healthy, incredibly delicious

We believe that healthy produce should taste good first and do good always. What we eat and how it’s grown matters and we are on a mission to transform what we eat, what we grow and how we grow it. One product at a time.

10th Anniversary (Journey of a decade)

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Humble Beginnings

In 2011, our founder Surya Shastry incepted Pure and Sure as an extension of Phalada Agro with the vision of bringing clean, green and organic food to every table in the country. With just 10 organic food products, Pure and Sure took its baby steps into the market, with a big dream and a noble vision in the fertile soils of Bangalore.

The Expansion

With consistency, passion and vigor, we moved from baby steps to leaps as we extended our wings to other cities in the country while ensuring quality at every leap. And while we were at it, we kept broadening our spectrum adding a diverse range of products with pulses, grains and flours.

The Snack Attack

We all know that India loves to munch, and with this habit of our folks in mind, we put our thinking hats on to research and develop India’s first ever organic range of snacks. An organic solution to our age old habit.

Let’s Go Mango…

Mangoes and our summer nostalgias go hand in hand. We all remember those summer breaks where throwing stones at mango trees and slurping on the king of fruits was our favorite thing to do. Well, we brought those memories back, without stones and without any chemicals.

Surfing the Digital Waves

Change is the only thing that’s constant and we changed with the changing times to go digital in 2015. We set up our own dedicated e-commerce website while also marking our presence on third party vendors. All this so that our customers could shop organic from the comfort of their homes.

A Pure and Sure India

After branching out from Bangalore to other metros in 2012 with a humble range of products, we were 120+ products strong and available across the country by 2016. Even though we went far and wide as we spanned the country, our promise of clean, healthy and 100% organic food remained the same as we raced on to become one of the fastest growing brands in the organic sector.

Let’s Millet

This year brought back with it the forgotten grains. Millets were back in fashion and we raised our toast to these super grains by launching our range of organic millets in raw and ready to cook formats.

10 Million Strong

We patted ourselves on the back at this achievement and thinking about it still makes us proud. We packed our 1,00,00,000th pack in 2018 and were well on our way towards making our vision of bringing clean, organic food to every table a reality. What’s more, we finished the year on another high by winning the Best Organic Food Brand of the Year by the Jaivik Bharat Award.

Opening our Doors

We brought the organic experience to our customers by opening our experience center with an organic food store and cafe in Bangalore. A one-stop place to experience the quality of our organic food products hands-on.

Moving the Needle for Clean Food

We embraced mainstream media with our campaigns, kicking off with our first ever print ad and continued moving the needle with various outdoor and digital initiatives. We used these forums to amplify the importance of clean and organic food.

Flying On!

Our range of organic food products entered international soils the same year. After raising our voices for clean food at home and cementing our message, it felt good to be welcomed abroad to take our revolution overseas.

Shining Bright

Three cheers for three achievements this past year. We moved all our operations to 100% renewable solar energy taking some load off of our planet. We took another leap in our sustainability goals by launching eco-friendly packaging for our range of pulses, rice and flours. And as icing on the cake, our founder Surya Shastry won the Green Entrepreneur of the Year. Hip hip hurray to us and all of you who helped us get her and bloom so beautifully.

It’s been an eventful journey so far and we have no plans of stopping. Grab along and let’s roll together, for a cleaner, greener and smarter tomorrow

“Watch this video to see what they had to say!”

To truly understand the impact of our journey, we decided to hear from our farmers, employees and customers. What does healthy, organic food mean to them and how has our support played a significant part in their lives over the years.