Frequently Asked Questions

  • About our Organic Essentials
    • Why are Organic Essentials good for you?

      Organic Essentials are good because quite simply, they’re 100% organic and anything grown or made organically is good for your health and overall well being.

    • What are the nutritional benefits associated with the product range?

      Organically processed/grown products are proven to have a better nutrient value than their conventional counterparts. This is because of the absence of artificial fertilisers or chemicals used in the growing or processing stages.

    • Do the organic range of essentials actually taste better than their conventional counterparts?

      Of course they do! And if you don’t trust us, then research all you like and you’ll still find the answer is a big yes. Since all organic produce is natural through and through, there’s nothing that’s not good in it, and hence, it tastes better than its conventional counterparts.

    • Are there preservatives added in the product?

      No preservatives are used in any of our products

    • Are there any specific guidelines for storing the product?

      Yes yes yes. All our products in this category are 100% vegan. No harm done and all goodness stored.

    • Do we test our products for remnant pesticide compounds?

      All our raw materials are grown 100% organically and are tested once again for any artificial components in our testing facilities before going into processing.

  • About our Organic Gourmet Cooking range
    • Are all the products vegan?

      Yes yes yes. All our products in this category are 100% vegan. No harm done and all goodness stored.

    • Are there preservatives added in the product?

      No preservatives are used in any of our products

    • Are there any specific guidelines for storing the product?

      There is no rocket science behind storing something organic. Empty the packet into an airtight container and keep it closed in a cool, dry place, when not in use. For some products, refrigeration might be required once opened. Refer to the product label for details.

  • About our Organic Cold-Pressed Oils
    • What are the benefits of using organic cold pressed oils?

      Cold-pressed oils are rich in essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamin E, vitamin K, vitamin C, and other healthy fats as they preserve the potency of their original nutrients and maintain their natural form. We use the best quality, organically grown seeds to produce our oils that are tastier and healthier.

    • Are chemicals used during the extraction process?

      Of course not. We’re not fans of chemicals and never will be.

    • How are the oils cold pressed to retain their full flavour?

      Our oils are wood/expeller cold pressed to ensure that no taste or flavour is lost in the process. This means that the oils are not exposed to any heat and can retain their strong nutritional properties.

    • Are there preservatives added in the product?

      No preservatives are used in any of our products

    • Do these oils actually help in keeping cholesterol under check?

      That’s a very subjective question. All we can say is that our organic cold pressed oils are way better than their refined counterparts for all aspects of good health.

    • Are there any specific guidelines for storing the product?

      No guidelines at all. Just keep them in a closed bottle or container to avoid rancidity from exposure to air.

  • About our Organic Hot Beverages
    • Does organic coffee/tea make a difference?

      Organic coffee beans or tea leaves are richer in healthful antioxidants, and many people can even taste the difference. Your health, and the health of the planet, both get a boost.

    • Is organic coffee better for the stomach?

      It's not unusual for organic coffee to have lower acidity levels than the regular stuff, and Pure & Sure beverages are a great example of brews that are both eco- and stomach-friendly.

    • Are our organic coffee/teas chemical free?

      Yes! No preservatives or chemicals are used in any of our products

    • Does our coffee have chicory?

      We have both options - 100% coffee and coffee with chicory ( 5%). Chicory is added to coffee to reduce bitterness. It makes for a slightly sweeter brew! The debate on whether coffee should or should not have chicory is never-ending, and very subjective. Choose whatever helps you start your day better!

    • Where is our tea/coffee grown?

      All our brews are single origin and shade grown. 

      We grow and harvest our organic coffee beans in the high mountains of Coorg and Chikmangalur <Estate names to be added>

      Our teas are grown organically and hand-picked in the slopes of Assam, Darjeeling and Kerala <Estate names to be added>

    • What type of coffee beans do we use?

      Our coffee beans are Arabica and Robusta.

    • Which is better, Arabica or Robusta?

      While there is no truly better coffee, most people seem to prefer Arabica over Robusta because it tastes better. Arabica is smoother and sweeter while Robusta is infamous for its bitter and traditional "coffee" flavour.

    • What is the difference between the Coffee Smooth and Coffee Bold brews?

      The difference between these coffee variants is the beans used in them. Coffee Smooth uses Arabica beans while Coffee Bold uses Robusta beans.

    • What does CTC tea mean?

      CTC tea refers to a method of processing black tea - the ‘crush, tear, curl’ process where in black tea leaves are run through a series of cylindrical rollers. Common CTC teas include the much-loved Assam Tea and its close cousin, the English Breakfast Tea. These teas usually steep as a deep ruby red colour with a rich, slightly bitter flavour and are best consumed black

  • About our Organic Functional Superfoods
    • What are superfoods?

      Superfoods are food variants with a special ability to support and enhance health.They shower us with great doses of antioxidants and fiber that boost the immune system and help fight various illnesses.

    • Is it essential to include superfoods in our diets?

      It is always preferred to include these food variants as a part of our diet since it can act as a catalyst for our good health.

    • What are superfoods?

      Superfoods are food variants with a special ability to support and enhance health.They shower us with great doses of antioxidants and fiber that boost the immune system and help fight various illnesses.

    • How can I consume these superfoods?

      The powders and seeds are generally added into smoothies, lattes, soups, fresh fruit juice, baked goods, yoghurt or just sprinkled over food. Feel free to add them to your flour and make healthier chapatis or breads. Or even to your salads and dressings. Go ahead and experiment, and who knows, maybe you will discover a unique mix that tingles your taste buds.

    • Do superfoods help in weight management?

      Yes they do. Organic superfoods are one of the most perfect supplements that can nourish your body. They help in regulating the appetite, increasing satiety and encouraging weight loss

    • Are superfoods safe for children, diabetics or aged individuals?

      Something so good can never be dangerous. It’s safe, healthy and good for everybody.

    • Can I add these superfood powders to shakes?

      Of course you can. Whatever fits your taste.

    • Can these superfood seeds be consumed raw?

      Yes they can! Going raw can actually be better for your health.

    • Are these superfoods gluten-free and vegan?

      All the superfoods are 100% vegan. There is no artificial gluten added to them as well, but if the raw materials have natural gluten in them, then it will be retained in the final product as well

  • About our Organic Healthy Alternatives
    • What are healthy alternatives?

      Healthy alternatives are healthier options for your everyday needs. Include them in your daily cooking and experience the difference for yourself, in taste and in health. They are also great if you are looking to follow a specific diet, like gluten-free or keto.

    • Can I use these foods for regular cooking?

       Yes you can, and yes you should.

    • Are these foods gluten-free?

      Yes yes yes!!!

    • Do these foods work well for a Keto diet?

      They work marvellously for a Keto diet. However, it is always wise to check with your dietician before you commit to something.

    • Can I replace regular sugar with coconut sugar or palm sugar?

      In most cases, yes. It is very dependent on your taste preference and what you are cooking.

    • Can these flour alternatives be used in baking?

      Yes! In fact, there are a tonne of recipes available that replace regular flour and regular sugars with these healthy alternatives. The possibilities are endless. Check the recipes here (Link for blogs on gluten free recipes)

    • How is our organic desi ghee different from regular ghee?

      Our ghee is made from the milk of grass fed  A2 cows and is traceable to the last degree. Most store bought ghees are made by heating the Malai and the source of the milk, breed of the cow and the traceability of the product is never known to the customer.

  • About our Organic Snacks
    • Why choose organic snacks?

      We all love to munch! Munching on something traditional, yet trendy is a yummy experience. So, let’s forget about health for a moment and get ready to embrace taste. Our products also come in some innovative desi-but-trendy flavour profiles. No reason not to try them!

    • Once opened, what is the shelf life of these snacks? And how to store them to keep them fresher for longer?

      Usually, our snacks get over very soon once it’s opened and shelflife is not really a problem. However, if you’re the slow eating kind or are on a diet and can’t binge, then you can store them in an airtight container for a day or two.

    • What form of oil is used to make these snacks?

      Organic cold pressed oil is used to make every snack in this category.

    • Do we use palm oil in our snacks?

      No. Only organic cold pressed oils are used in the cooking process.

    • Are these snacks greater in nutritional value as compared to their regular counterparts?

      Yes they are. Our range of organic snacks have a higher nutrient value than conventional snacks available in the market. If you must indulge, our products are your go-to for game-night, pyjama sleepovers, or even for a party-of-one.

    • Are all the ingredients in these snacks organic?

      All the ingredients cannot be deemed organic since salt is being used in most of our snacks. As you know, salt is neither organic nor non organic. We can safely say that 80-90% of the ingredients in each variant are organic.

  • About Processing and Manufacturing
    • How are our products processed?

      Processing varies from product to product, however all the processing centres run on renewable sources of energy and the waste produced in this process are all duly recycled at the site.

    • Where are the manufacturing centres located?

      Our main manufacturing centre is located at Bangalore. However, we follow the  decentralised warehousing model and have multiple warehouses spread across the Tier 1 cities in the country. They cater to the local demands thereby minimising shipping and reducing our carbon footprint. So you can rest assured that your order will be reaching you from our nearest warehouse,

    • What are the 100% organic protocols followed in the facilities?

      All the relevant protocols that apply in getting certified organic are followed at every single level, throughout our process. Click <here> to know more on the procedures followed. (The link in the word ‘here’ to redirect the user to the 100% organic certified page)

    • Where can I find Pure and Sure products?

      Our products can be found right here on our website, in Amazon and at all major stores across the country.

  • About your Order
    • Do we take bulk orders?

      Yes. For ordering in bulk, please reach out to

    • How many days does it generally take to deliver an order?

      The delivery will depend on your location, logistics and shipping partners. However, your purchase will be shipped within 24 hours after the order is made from our facility.

    • Do we accept Cash on Delivery?

      Yes. For every order more than Rs 500, we accept COD.

    • What should I do if I haven't received my order in the prescribed time period?

      You can feel free to reach out to our customer care support with your order number and registered email and we will get back to you with an update as soon as possible.

    • What are our return policies?

      All our products are 100% returnable if unused. You can reach out to our customer care support with your order number and registered email to get more information on the next steps

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