• Organic Ways to Beat Your Sweet Cravings

    If you have a sweet tooth, you know the struggle of craving deserts every once in a while. But thinking that is detrimental to your health - you may step back sometimes. There are ways where you can make use of ingredients that are not only harmless but full of nutrition. These ingredients will help you fulfill your craving for sweets.

    Let's explore the healthy and organic alternatives that we can use to make desserts:

    Desi Ghee:

    Using desi ghee to make many Indian sweets will enhance the nutritional value of the food. Whether you are making halwa using organic rava or you are making besan laddoo. To eat a healthy and delicious dessert, you can use organic products of excellent quality.

    You can use organic moong dal to make moong dal halwa using desi ghee. If you want to make wheat halwa, use organic wheat flour, or you can make badam halwa with A2 Ghee. When compared, desi ghee is not only known to enhance the taste, but it will make the food far more nutritious.


    Coconut is one of the healthy and natural items to use in making sweet recipes. Using raw coconut can be a lot of work for some individuals. Nowadays you have desiccated coconut powder to make fillings or laddoos at home like a piece of cake.

    Pure and sure high-quality products like:

    1. Organic desiccated coconut powder
    2. Organic coconut milk

    perverse all the goodness of coconut, that you can use in your dessert recipes.


    Use coffee to make many kinds of desserts like mousse, ice cream, or even cake. If you use organic coffee in the recipe then it will turn into an organic sweet.

    Jaggery Powder:

    Jaggery powder is a healthy substitute for white sugar. White sugar is harmful to your health when used in the long term. Jaggery powder is a part of any kind of dessert recipe. Jaggery itself has a distinct taste and flavor that add to the recipe. But, if you don’t like it or if the recipe is calling for more of a neutral sugar, in that case, you can use the following:

    1. Organic honey
    2. Brown sugar
    3. Coconut sugar
    4. Organic palm sugar

    Cocoa Powder:

    The use of cocoa powder occurs in many dessert recipes. Switching from ordinary cocoa powder to organic cocoa powder will provide more nutrition. It will also enhance the taste of your chocolate cake or hot chocolate milk.

    Organic Flavors:

    The most common thing to improve the flavor of an Indian dessert is saffron. It's used in making any kind of sweets like kheer, or even in savory foods like biryani. Organic saffron can make your food even tastier.

    The same goes for Organic vanilla powder. You can use it in making the following and also make it taste great as well as healthy

    1. Muffins
    2. Cakes
    3. Smoothies
    4. Cookies
    5. Mousse