We use the indigineous quality of wheat Pusa for our flour which are grown organically without using any pesticides or chemicals s uch as PUSA WHEAT, which are most rampant in conventional farming.

Another speciality of our stone ground flour is the melting-in-the mouth softness it brings to everything it touches. Many say that our Organic Wheat Flour makes for the softest rotis ever! Want to bet? We’re game!

Best ways to use our hero

Organic Wheat Flour

Enjoy using it to make fluffy,
soft rotis or crisp puris

Our wheat flour takes Aloo
parathas with 'aam ka achaar'
to a whole new level

Replace it for plain flour in making a creamy, smooth béchamel sauce

Replace 25%-50% of plain flour in baking recipes with our wheat flour

Make crusty, sumptuous multigrain
breads, savory crisps, cookies, or
even whole-wheat pizza bases

Take comfort in a warm wheat
porridge on a rainy day

What our customers say