• Why Choose Organic Food

    Choosing organic is not about embracing something new, it’s more of a return to how things used to be. A journey back in time where every produce was in harmony with the land, and every harvest, its poetry. When you choose to go organic, you’re choosing a lifestyle - a lifestyle that’s more than just a passing fad, a lifestyle that nourishes our bodies, our communities and our environment & a lifestyle that shapes the landscape of the entire food ecosystem.

    The organic universe is one of the most monitored and regulated entities in the world and the journey of every organic produce begins in the farm where the farmers tickle the earth with their hoes using no chemicals, paying close attention to soil health and staying away from harmful practices. So, when you buy organic food, you have in your hands a product that’s bustling with nutrition, taste and sustainable sustenance.

    Let’s take a deeper dive into the organic universe and understand how it’s good for you, good for the farmers and good for the environment.

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    Nutritious, all the way

    • Boosting your Vitamin intake, one meal at a time.

    Studies from across the world have shown time and again that organic produce has higher nutrient value as compared to its non-organic counterparts. This is because the soil used for organic farming is managed and nourished with sustainable practices following responsible standards. From Iron to Vitamin C, organic products absorb and take in many vitamins and minerals necessary for a healthy diet.

    Freedom from chemicals

    • Organic food in, pesticides out

    Consuming organically grown food is the best way to keep a cocktail of chemical poisons out of our diets. Organic farmers use natural methods for pest control without adding any toxic chemicals to the soil. Chemical residues from conventional farming contaminate the crop, harming the soil, the insects and us when they enter our systems. Thus, when we choose organic, we are not only helping ourselves, but the bees and the soil as well.

    Yummy in your tummy

    • We’re not drooling, you are!

      Many claim that organic is yummier. Although ‘better tasting’ is a subjective matter, many theories state that organic is definitely tastier. This is because organic crops flourish in nutrient-rich soils that add taste, flavor and nutrition to the end product. Organic plants also grow and blossom at their own natural pace as compared to being sped to harvest with chemicals. This allows time for the natural sugars and other flavor-enhancing compounds to work their magic.

      So, the next time you’re in a supermarket contemplating between a gigantic, perfect-looking apple full of chemicals on the non-organic deck and a deliciously imperfect-looking apple on the organic deck, you know which one to go for.

      Sustainable, through and through

      • Going organic can be just as beneficial as recycling.

      Organic farming doesn’t harm the environment, it doesn’t destroy animal habitats and it doesn’t pollute the soil. Instead, it keeps the farmland healthy, setting the stage for wildlife, insects, birds and soil organisms to play their orchestra in the ecological symphony without interference or compromise.

      For you and for me and the entire human race

      • Taking the organic route is a direct vote for posterity.

        By going organic, you are supporting seasonal produce which reduces a lot of pressure on our environment. By purchasing organic, you are also ensuring that no chemicals are being fed into the air, water or soil. And by walking down this road, you are doing your bit in preserving our cool blue planet for the generations to come.

        The list doesn’t end here, as there really is no end to the list of advantages if you choose the organic route.

        So what are you waiting for?

        Make the switch and get ready to embrace our past, because eating organic is not a trend, it is a return to tradition.

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