Shaping the future of sustainable supply chains

The key to understanding the future is one word - sustainability. Sustainability is not just environmental-ism. It is the masterful balance of meeting our own needs without jeopardizing the ability of future generations to do the same. It is multidimensional, embedding the facets of environment, economy and society.

Sustainable for you

You are what you eat. When you eat organic, you are doing your bit for a sustainable tomorrow.

Sustainable for our farmers

We are farmers first, and believe in fair-trade for our farmer communities.

Sustainable for the environment

With every product we make, we strive to be mindful about our impact on the environment.

Pillars of sustainability

Sustainable from the word GO!

Supply chain and its sustainable management form a bulk of the environmental impact brought on by the industrial revolution. Therefore, we believe that we can make the biggest difference by making changes to our supply chain. From the sourcing of raw materials to production, storage, packaging, delivery and every transportation link in between - our goal is to minimize environmental harm from factors like energy usage, water consumption, waste production, etc., while also having a positive impact on the people and communities that surround us.

From the start to the end of our products’ life cycles, we strive to demonstrate greater environmental stewardship and social responsibility. For us, it is a way of thinking, a way of being and a principle we are guided by.

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Growing our future

Agriculture is at the heart of some of the world’s most pressing challenges - be it food security, sustainable livelihoods, biodiversity, climate change, or access to clean soil and water. By revolutionizing this basic tenet of the supply chain, we can positively impact these burning global issues.

A leap to reap better livelihoods

Our objective is to empower our farmers, by removing inequalities, vulnerabilities and weakness within existing supply chains, and promise them sustainable, equitable livelihoods. We choose to put our farmers first by reducing their dependence on expensive chemical fertilizers, enabling them with agri-inputs...

The grower must grow too

At Pure & Sure, we work predominantly with small and marginal farmers who have access to their own land. We teach, train and enable them with the knowledge and tools they need to create long-term, consistent impact via organic practices in farming.

Green acres and happy traders

Rain water harvesting camps in our farmer communities help conserve water - the fountain of all life and one that makes or breaks a good year in harvest. Conserved water can then be reused for irrigation, allowing farmers to have access to water throughout the year.

A hope for tomorrow

While we wish to secure the livelihoods of the farmer communities that toil to produce our clean, green food, we believe that sustainability is just as relevant to the future as it is to the present. We want the successors of our farmers to be able to continue farming at their own fields.

Take less, give more

Our ‘Give Back’ program includes impactful initiatives in rain water harvesting, restoring water bodies in our farmer group areas, social welfare programmes for children, providing solar/biogas equipment to reduce the burning of wood for cooking, and tree plantation activities for endangered species.


Sustainable processing is all about reusing the past, recycling the present and saving the future.
When we sing to the planet, ‘All you need is LOVE’, we follow it through with ‘All we need is LESS’.

All we need is LESS

  • Central processing unit 300KW solar powered plant saves 2,09,692 kg carbon every year

  • Facilities designed with natural light
    Saves energy in lighting

  • Rain water harvesting pits & collection centers conserves 2,50,00,000 Liter water every year

  • 1,00,000 Liter water recycling plant which make sure optimal recycling of water

  • Large-scale composting: Wet waste converted to manure &
    supplied back to our farmers

  • Recycling of dry waste: No more landfills and burning

  • Timely monitoring and servicing of equipment enables us optimum efficiency, moderate energy consumption & less pollution

  • 80% staffs live in 10km radius. Carpooling to reduce carbon footprint


Not wasting the waste

Today, it is not only niche and forward-thinking businesses that think about the environmental impact and footprint of their packaging. It is not enough to grow and process sustainably anymore, knowing very well that every package ‘thrown away’ must go somewhere. That somewhere is often a landfill or water bodies polluted with our waste.

Nothing just disappears from the face of this earth, it only disappears from our view.

Our goal is to be 100% plastic neutral by 2024

It cannot be right to manufacture something that is used for a matter of minutes or days but continues to stay with us for centuries.
This is why we are working fast and strong towards the use of recyclable packaging material as much as possible. Our packaging materials comply with the current laws of plastic usage (xxx ppm). Additionally, to encourage reuse and reduce wastage, our facilities are equipped with high-performance machines to wash our raw material storage bins and bags.

We are proud to be one of the 1st companies in the industry to implement eco-friendly packaging for most of our high-volume products, as well as returnable eco-friendly packaging for all our D2C shipments.
While it may not be 100% possible to eliminate the use of plastic, our aim is to offset it by recycling more than 100% of the plastic used in our packaging.
100% Plastic neutral is the goal, and we are running towards it as fast as we can.


Sustainable processing is all about reusing the past, recycling the present and saving the future. When we sing to the planet, ‘All you need is LOVE’, we follow it through with ‘All we need is LESS’.

Going the Green Mile

A lot of intricate process and coordination goes behind every delivery you receive. It is not as simple as packing your order and placing it in a delivery pick-up van.
Where is the product sourced from? Where is it packaged? Is it traveling across the country to reach you?
We go the extra green mile to ensure that at every one of these stages, we stay true to the Pure & Sure way of less waste, more value.

The Sourcing

We source our ingredients and products as locally as possible. If you purchase ‘Toor Dal’ in South India, know that your dal is grown in this region and packaged at the nearest facility. Similarly, Toor dal grown in North India is packaged and used specifically in that region. Eating local does not get any more real!

The Packaging

The more food travels, the less it does what it is meant to - be tasty, nutritious and healthy. Our multiple packaging hubs spread across the country reduce food miles so what you get is the freshest, the tastiest and the healthiest.

The Shipping

We know how it feels to receive a large box filled with a tiny package inside. It is a waste of packaging material, a waste of shipping space, and definitely not environmentally-friendly. Our product package sizes are designed keeping the needs of our consumers in mind. To ship our products, we use a combination of shipping boxes that optimize space and volume and reduce waste generated in secondary packaging. With an aim to reduce our carbon footprint...

“Watch this video to see what they had to say!”

To truly understand the impact of our journey, we decided to hear from our farmers, employees and customers. What does healthy, organic food mean to them and how has our support played a significant part in their lives over the years.

It’s not about doing less harm, but doing more good.

It shouldn’t cost us the future for supply chains to meet our needs today. Yet deep-rooted in supply chains are environmental abuse, inferior work conditions, unfair trade and the inefficient use of finite resources.

Reimagining these complex systems requires us to collaborate, banish barriers to progress, put in the effort, and innovate solutions in the face of disruptive change. Only then can we secure sustainable supply and fair livelihoods for all. Only then can we achieve a sustainable future. Our commitment is to conquer sustainability with change and empowerment, at every possible bend in the road, every possible roadblock, and every possible touch-point.
We have no Plan B, and no Planet B. So, let’s take good care of this one, and thrive as people, as a community, and as humanity.