Forage the Freshest

The new-age consumer is aware, smart and informed. What happens behind-the-scenes in bringing food on to the plate has taken center-stage. Consumers demand to know how something is grown, where their ingredients are sourced from and if their food comes from fair-trade. The stakes have been raised.

In this shifting landscape, we make local sourcing easier. Discover a vast selection of ingredients and produce from the best local farms, grown with the best practices in organic farming. We are a strong sourcing base for B2B businesses in the food industry with direct access to certified organic farms, organically & locally grown produce and an efficient supply that forages the freshest right from the source - our farmers. The icing on the cake? Locally sourced food has a lower impact on the environment as a result of decreased food miles.

If you are an individual grower or a small business looking to supply locally grown organic food ingredients, you’ve come to the right place. We are always looking to broaden our sourcing portfolio to offer new or innovative options to our partners and consumers. Get in touch with us by, writing to us at