• Top 5 Things You May Not Know about Himalayan Pink Salt

    With the rise of conscious living, people are getting aware of everything they are eating nowadays. Among all the products, Himalayan Pink salt is one of them that is getting popular fast.


    It still can be confusing for people as they don't know much about this new famous salt. In this article, we will share details with you to give you a better idea.

    Formation of Himalayan Salt: 

    Unlike its popularity, the salt formed almost over 250 million years ago. It's produced by nature in the Himalayan mountains. Himalayan peoples are utilizing it for valuable purposes for centuries.


    They believe it can preserve meat and fish for a long period. Although, it's used as spices and condiments in cooking now. 

    Enhancing the flavor of cooking:

    The richness of minerals in the Himalayan Pink salt is great for our health. The richness improves the taste of the food as well.


    Whether it's a simple khichdi made with dal and rice or a healthy quinoa recipe. Salt has a natural distinct flavor to offer to every food it's added. Contrary to table salt lacks any flavor.

    No Artificial Iodine:

    Himalayan Pink salt doesn't need an add-on of synthetic iodine because it's already enriched with it.


    Even though iodized salt may seem fancy and healthy on the external level. Consuming unnatural iodine may not be favorable for your body in the long run.


    The iodine which is present in Pink salt is far more healthy for us. Not only iodine, but Himalayan pink salt also comes with the following:

    1. Natural magnesium
    2. Potassium
    3. Other minerals.

    These minerals are effective for your body and are absorbed with ease.

    No side effects:  

    Normal salt has many adverse effects on our health such as:

    1. High blood pressure
    2. Water retention 

    Whereas, even after prolonged usage of Himalayan Pink salt, it didn't show any kind of side effects. Because it's formed and derived by nature.

    Health Benefits: 

    Himalayan Pink Salt has many positive influences on our bodies, due to its minerals and the natural manufacturing process.

    It retains electrolytes and improves circulation, which promotes a good sleep cycle. Maintain pH balance in the body and prevent dehydration as well.

    Research has shown Himalayan pink salt to be responsible for better respiratory health. It also can reduce signs of aging. 


    You can choose the better option after being aware of all the points discussed above. Table salt can be a cheaper option but it is reasonable to invest in your health. You can opt for Pure and Sure Himalayan pink salt because of its guaranteed high quality.