• 6 Easy Methods to Stop Hair Fall Using Organic Oils

    Hair fall is the word that makes up for the most startling harrowing tale that no lady likes to experience at any point. Nonetheless, many women witness hair fall. They get entangled in a circle of attempting different solutions for hair fall. It's critical to comprehend what exactly causes it. We lose around 100 strands always yet anything over that is extreme and disturbing.

    Hair is a major factor in our personality and appearance. Whenever one loses hair, they lose confidence and self-assurance. Hence, it is important to track down a solution for hair fall.

    In India since the ancient era, oils is been used in many ways to treat hair and skin problems. Nowadays people are getting aware of the benefits of oils in haircare routines. Let’s dive deep and find out how to use organic oils to improve your hair quality.


    Massaging the scalp with hot oil promotes blood flow around the head. Prompting a superior flow of supplements to your hair follicles. This reinforcing of hair follicles can produce quicker hair growth.

    The nourishment provided by a hot oil massage can be tripled if you use a good quality oil like:

    1. Extra virgin coconut oil
    2. Mustard oil
    3. Sesame oil
    4. Olive oil

    Even the combination of these oils would work wonders. You can mix a little bit of castor oil in the mixture for extra benefits.


    Hair Mask to Stop Hair Fall

    If you like to use masks like henna then you can add a little bit of coconut oil, almond oil, or olive oil to give you a shiny look. Raw eggs can be an extra addition of protein that you can introduce in your mask recipe. You can also add the Coffee powder to the mask for an extra brownish tone of the hair.

    Leave in conditioner

    Use light oils like:

    1. Almond oil
    2. Sesame oil
    3. Olive oil

    As a leave-in conditioner on your hair. After washing your hair when it's 70% dry, take a little bit of oil on your palm and rub it to spread. After rubbing the oil, apply it to the tips of your hair. This way you will get the best result.


    You can incorporate oils in gels to nourish your hair and manage them. Make flaxseed gel at home by boiling them in water and straining it when it's done. Add oil to the gel and apply it to your hair and scalp before washing it off.

    You can even make a combination of aloe vera gel and any oil of your choice. Apply it as a mask or a leave-in conditioner for shiny and silky hair.

    Natural SPA

    Instead of going for an expensive Spa treatment why not opt for a more natural and inexpensive one? You can mix the below ingredients for this homemade spa cream:

    1. Coconut milk
    2. Banana
    3. Oils

    The combination of yogurt, honey, and oils can also work wonders.


    Using excessive styling tools can be another reason for your hair fall. Applying a lightweight oil forms a protective layer on your hair. You can use oils as a protective layer before using any heating tools or styling your hair.