At Phalada Pure & Sure, we believe not only in conquering markets, but also in touching the lives of billions. Throughout our supply chain we maintain firm ethical working principles. We do our best to make sure that farmers and workers are paid fairly and on time. We try to make working with us a delightful experience by providing the workers with safe and hygienic working conditions. We treat our people with respect and neither do we employ child labour nor discriminate against caste or sex.

Our CSR initiatives are designed to provide social, environmental and economic benefits to the communities and geographies we serve.With an aim of reaching out to the needy, we have envisioned a project to build new classrooms at a dilapidated school in the Western Ghats.Another facet of the project is to offer the children education in organic farming and biodiversity conservation.

Our CSR initiatives also include an NGO called Phaladaayi Foundation, rain water harvesting programmes, annual tree planting programmes, preservation of endangered plants and temple restoration.